I'm Brian Tod

TL:DR - I have over 11 years of experience working across key elements of the marketing stack for some of the world's biggest brands. My core skills include product, brand, communications and business modelling.

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Brian Tod

I'm an ever curious creature, always striving to learn more about people, the world and the technologies that are shaping everything around us. 

I have always been most curious about the intersection of technology and human behaviour, which drew me to a career in marketing, spending the last 11 years working to understand how the evolving media landscape has shaped how people interact with each other and brands. Through my career, I have used this understanding to build and grow some amazing brands.

Outside of marketing consulting for startups and growing businesses, I'm working on founding my own company. If you're curious about what I'm working on, check it out here.

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my core Skills

At the core, my skills are around understanding behaviour and systems. Everything I've worked on, from my very early days at advertising agencies through to designing new products to launch has centred around understanding how people think and behave, and how the entire system works together towards an end goal. 




I believe that the best products solve real problems. I'm a big believer in the power of design thinking and the jobs-to-be-done framework. Over my career, I've built web apps, alcohol delivery services, craft beer subscription models, new beverages and even a whole new experience and operational model for draft beer. 




To me, great brand building is based on great product development. A should be brand is the outward expression of the job that the product performs for the user - the role that the product plays in their life - the underlying reason the product exists. Throughout my career, I have spent time building brands big and small, from automotive to beverage to eCommerce to chips. 




Advertising is built from three elements: (1) the message, (2) the context and (3) the content. Too many brands and marketers only focus on the message and the content, and forget the power of context - especially in today's heavily tracked world. I have built my career working to find the right moments and places (ie: the context) for a brand to communicate with its customers. I have done this for a range of consumer brands, and worked with a range of budgets from big brands to tiny startup products. 




I love to understand the 'math' of a business. How does it work? Where does the money flow, and how do the incentives work? What are the key metrics and levers the govern a new product or service? These elements are key to understanding and/or building out a business model, which in turn is key to operating and scaling a business. Through the last few years, I've designed business models for traditional CPG products, on-demand delivery marketplaces, subscription eCommerce and B2B sales.

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Where I used to work


Ad agency account management:  2006 to 2011

Brand & messaging development, account management
2006 to 2011


Various marketing & product roles within ABI:  2011 to 2018

Communications strategy, brand development, product development, business modelling
2011 to 2018


Some brands I've worked On



want to know more?

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