The Search For Product / Market Fit

There isn't a lot of debate around the importance of Product / Market Fit, it's the most important goal in early product / company development. That said, what is it? Is there a clear definition? Let's explore this, plus the process for how to build new products towards reaching this elusive goal.

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How I Think About My Life’s Purpose

Over the years I have thought a lot about the big picture of life and what we’re supposed to do with it to make it meaningful. I wanted to take the time here to attempt to write down where my perspective has ended up thus far, as an exercise to help solidify my thinking. By no means do I have this nailed — as with many things in life, this is definitely a work in progress.

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My JourneyBrian Tod
What the New York Times Got wrong about Elon Musk, Tesla & The Chevy Bolt

A few weeks ago, I got really annoyed while reading an article from The New York Times about the soon-to-be-launched, affordable, all-electric Chevy Bolt.Why? Because the article — titled “How Did GM Create Tesla’s Dream Car First” — focused on making fun of Elon Musk for being beaten to market with an affordable electric car by big… slow… old… GM, instead of focusing on the real story: how it is amazing that this immensely important change has finally hit scale.

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Interesting StuffBrian Tod
About Creating Great Product Experiences

As consumers have become more savvy, as products have become more complex and as advertising has become increasingly ignored, it has become incredibly difficult to create demand in an artificial way. This shows up in our consumer culture’s immense shift away from the long-standing mass market brands of the 20th century.

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Product DevelopmentBrian Tod
Understanding Economic Moats

An Economic Moat is fundamental aspect of a business that allows it to consistently create outsized returns from capital investment over the very long-term. It is not simply a competitive advantage (which is often superficial and fleeting), it is structural and often has a lot to do with the core underlying business model. Discover more about what they are, and the role that they play in product development and business building.

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What are these 'Jobs-To-Be-Done' you speak of?

A ‘job’ isn’t just functional in nature, it is nuanced with many elements, including emotional ones. It shifts the focus of the product strategy from the attributes of the product to the resulting impact it has. JTBD opens up the question: what business am I really in? And it expands the competitive set to any number of possible solutions for the job, including choosing to not solve it.

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