Marketer for hire

I'm Brian Tod, a career marketer with over a decade of experience helping brands find and accelerate growth. Whether you're two people in a basement hacking away at a new product, or a scaling business building a new brand for the world, I can help you ensure you're moving in the right direction. 


Sometimes all you need is a short conversation, and some simple advice. Or you don't know what you need until you start chatting it through. I definitely get it, and am more than happy to chat. Let's grab a coffee or beer (or skype call) and chat about what you're up to. Marketing counsel and drinks are on me!

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How I can help

I have 4 key sets of skills that can help you build the right thing, and then tell the world about it.

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Product Development

I can help you validate your product ideas through understanding your user's job-to-be-done and problem-to-be-solved.

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Brand strategy
& design

I can help you create a brand with purpose and appeal through insightful strategy and impactful design to help you stand out.

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& Growth

I can help you put your brand in front of the right people at the right time to build awareness and ultimately sales for your product.

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Business model Design

I can help you design and understand the right business model to fit your product, your users and your ambitions.



Let's work together

I absolutely love digging into new businesses, products and users - helping to find the right path and the right decisions that will set the business up for growth... and then creating that growth. Let's chat about how I can help you on your mission.  

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