Talent is the key

I believe that talent is THE KEY to the future.

The future success of growing companies, and the future ability for our world to respond to the exponential change out there. But, the ways we create and then grow talent aren't built for the realities of today. 


I'm doing something about that.

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Introducing BackPocket

I'm building a tool for teams to access leading marketing know-how, on-demand as they work. Accessed via a chatbot interface for easy interaction and fast learning, BackPocket is ultimately a deep database of marketing knowledge that will be continuously fed by practicing domain experts.

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A learning tool for marketers that is...





To respond to the fast-paced change found in today's marketing world.




To the person, the job and the company, not just generic learning.




To create immediate and contextual learning, while being productive.


Why? Because...


Marketing Complexity

The marketing world is simply too complex and ever changing for anyone to keep up - help them know it all.

Level Playing Field

Let everyone compete on smarts, determination and hard work, not previous experience.

Amazing Teams

Give managers less short-term risk to build amazing teams based on smarts and culture fit alone.

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